Achieving The American Growth Calculation

Achieving The American Growth Calculation



Table Of Contents


I: Human Development

II: Strategic Urban Planning

III: Peace Empowerment Network (PEN)

IV: Increasing The Value Of Urban Livability

V: Financial Programming For The Community

VI: Employment Opportunity

VII: Recovery From Adversity

VIII: Wellness For Everyday Living

Problem VS. Solution



Hip-hop culture enacts and orchestrates the reality of our low income community, which substantiates the dire need for a positive change both within musicology and urban renewal.

The music industry’s theatrical elements and its current turnover losses demonstrate that our economy has been greatly impacted financially, without sound understanding. Music industry statistics also show a decline in the quality of music production, which is not what the world wants to hear. As the Owner/Recording Artist at MatuldaBlu Rose Records, I believe that change is possible with new programming constructed for both sectors of musicology and urban renewal. For this reason, MatuldaBlu Rose Records has designed Achieving The American Growth Calculation,” a new life approach designed to demonstrate that low income communities count, by investing into their own prosperity and financial stability. Our introductory business innovation lays the foundation for what you will learn more about below “My Strawberry Xchange.” Achieving The American Growth Calculation is a study on the potential success of individuals living in low income communities. Our initiative serves as a means to instill new hope and meaningful purpose in our recipients lives, through the process of income generating activities.

The following presentation is a form of representational art. Representing the effectiveness needed, to empower low income communities to achieve applicable employment. The purpose of our program is to provide low income communities with the support needed to build a network of infrastructure, create employment opportunities equivalent to individual skill development and illustrate personal commitment.

In complete accord, MatuldaBlu Rose Records is establishing its incorporated financing company initiative “My Strawberry Xchange,” structured with the financial interests of our community at heart. First and foremost, MatuldaBlu Rose Records requires for our audience to know that we are trustworthy and that their best interests is our goal. MatuldaBlu Rose Records is seeking out ways to help those with limited resources through financial programming for the community.  We plan to use the tools of creativity, entertainment and education to attract a diverse audience.  As a business we recognize the improvements that are needed to motivate a population to make a difference starting with the individual.  MatuldaBlu Rose Records is empowered by its own dynamic spirit and we desire for our audience to be inspired and thrive with us. We are aiming to use the arts to help the community achieve economic growth. MatuldaBlu Rose Records believes that together we have the power to embrace positive change and make a meaningful impact on one another.

I: Human Development

Many Americans share the same story; it is not only a matter of biological makeup which gives reason for poverty in our communities. The way of the world is not a mystery to anyone. It is our key perception, which defines many individual limitations and as individuals we must begin to learn how to take ownership of our personal circumstances. You must accept who you are and the conditions of life to allow a resolution starting with My Strawberry Xchange,” to help broaden your chances for an improved lifestyle.

Our focus for this presentation is to increase the “VALUE,” and design of empowered communities. MatuldaBlu Rose Records is launching a new community development, to promote wholesomeness and encourage a culture of positive change. Our mission is to advocate for the community, using our leadership in parallel with being a natural support system of tools, resources and education suited for individual needs. “My Strawberry Xchange,” sheds light on the historic passage for peace, equality and opportunity for all of humanity. Partly, our mission is to install faith and responsibility in individuals and turn negative behaviors into positivity. As a community we will focus on the reduction of unethical treatment and the failure to produce adequate growth results. We will stride to exclude deviation in our commitment and performance to “Achieving The American Growth Calculation.” The goals of our income generating activities are structured for low income communities. “My Strawberry Xchange,” will be enlisting individuals of qualification, skill and the motivation for Achieving The American Growth Calculation, as a community.

No person will be left behind. As a community we will succeed. We will join together to make a difference as a society that positively impacts one another. Independently, we will come together as a force and rebuild our community, one step at a time. Our current motto is “RECOVERY.”

II: Strategic Urban Planning


Achieving The American Growth Calculation is a MatuldaBlu Rose Records vision model for employment opportunities empowered by our "My Strawberry Xchange," initiative for the population, which brings to light the challenge of our race.

Our vision transcends the applied hope and science to lead us to rise, as we are upon a time in history when one must not shed away from their truth and reason for the lack of trust that most people have in our government.

As an advocate of change, MatuldaBlu Rose Records, has witnessed so many failed policies and inadequacies that have been underlined, signed and dated by a great percentage of administrators of services and employment opportunities required by low income communities. Therefore, many people do not know where to turn or how to obtain adequate services and employment, which discourages many people from exploring the fine brass between achievement, advancement and income generation.

Proportionate to our peace work, "Using 2011-2015 data, the report finds that nearly 1.7 million New Yorkers were living in poverty." "More than 45 million people, or 14.5 percent of all Americans, lived below the poverty line last year," and, "nearly 1/2 of the world's population - more than 3 billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty - less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty."

Statistics reveal the extent to which people are being left behind and as quoted, our government perspective encourages that no person shall be left without the right of opportunity; so what can be done to enhance growth within low income and underserved communities?

Uniquely, MatuldaBlu Rose Records is approaching a new age of invented services and innovations such as the "Achieving The American Growth Calculation," study. Implementing our cultural impact of services geared towards individuality and locality protracted by needs based and time. We are driven by concepts for development, value surplus and quality assurance. Our life essential package draws on positive reinforcement and the improvement of one's life. This is our token for humanity and action taken towards world empowerment.