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When One's Testament & Ambition Is Shattered

My parents abstained from leading me along the way and those obstacles framed my vision of life. The wrong influences in life will have a great impact on a child’s mindset and manifest throughout their life. I mixed and mingled with drugs and the wrong people, which brought on consequences and increased my low self esteem. When we are not united with our own self worth and our purpose on this earth, we pick up debilitating behaviors that take us astray, causing multiple negative life choices that destroy us and open the path to destruction and discontent. This is a chapter of our existence and a road that many never find their way out of. Some of us are born into debilitating factors and are naturally a part of a society consisting of challenges. Everyone has their own personal struggle that takes strength from within to win whatever makes us successful. We have to want it and go after it.

I was born into an unfortunate culture of abuse, neglect and mental illness all combined in one. Those obstacles defined who I was and made my journey difficult to become an active American. My parents are both alive today and I am a survivor, a result of those injustices. I have been a dependent of myself since the third grade and I had to find my own way. I struggled through those indifferences. My tragic story brought on all of my pain and life troubles. I am one of many who was brought into this world into the tradition of poverty, abuse, drug addiction and the non-pursuit of happiness. As an outcome, my education was dismissed and living in poverty was the excuse.

I was challenged by poverty and all of the factors that come with it. All I knew was pain and struggle and the survival of obstacles that impeded me from day to day and affected my well being. It has not been easy for me throughout my course of life. I have always had potential and have been creative since a teenager, but my debilitating trespasses made it extremely difficult to be who I am today. Unwise decisions were made for me, so I became a product of all whose dreams were shattered. I imagine that people know right from wrong. They just live and enjoy their lives the way that they want. I was not offered a chance to live, nor was I provided with the know how to survive and build towards the right passages of life. I was brave and have become a leader in finding my way as a survivor and self starter.

I am an example of many who have suffered from what I have come out of. Some people use the phrase “I was not born rich,” or “I should have,” when it is too late. So I wonder; when is it too late to become someone, an active member of your deliverance. I know from experience that many are comfortable with collecting benefits and living in subsidized housing, but when does it become enough. There is a cycle of not teaching children to want more than what is handed to them. What is this syndrome of not wanting more out of life? There are options and choices to explore that come with life; the only cost is hard work, skill crafting, dedication and responsibility. My makeshift lifestyle led me and made me an irresponsible individual in the past. I had no back bone or bridge to lead me to success. Today, I am independent and a responsible American because I made sense of my tragic story and ended my mental illness and poverty story.  

Many have not learned how to take ownership of their lives and have become accustomed to the ruins of irresponsibility and it affects the children of the world today, as well as the economy. We are all born with potential that becomes weighed down, bottled in and clouded by pain and injustices inflicted onto us, when we are not exposed to the right way of living, do not learn from our own mistakes and fail to pursue a just life for ourselves. How can one show others how to live better and prevent history from repeating itself and change the cycle of poverty and instability?

Now take a step back in order to understand this roadmap of poverty influences. Open your mind to what many are subjected to and encounter throughout society. There is a message behind the way that many behave and how dysfunction is brought about, that has contributed to poverty and the lifestyle. Stay tuned; there’s more to come!

One of my rules is: Never try to do anything. Just do it.

It is vital to MatuldaBlu Rose Records to be able to utilize our strengths and capacity to help others through art!

Shaneis GarciaComment